• Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Therapy

  • Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma Therapy
  • Certificate Course On Ayurvedic Body Care
  • Certificate Course On Ayurvedic Massage And Herbal Science
  • Short
    Term Course
  • Diploma In Ayurveda
  • Basic Ayurveda Massage And Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care

Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Therapy (3 Weeks)

Beauty care is considered as an important part of ayurvedic therapy. The course explains various aspects of Ayurvedic beauty care treatments. For this type of treatment course students are taught about how to use and apply pure herbal ingredients properly. The program sessions covers various face treatments, body treatments and hair care methods. Our course has proven effective in healing various beauty related issues. The course also teaches the students the skin hair and body types so that they are able to customize the treatment and offer better results to the students. For the practical sessions we provide our students training on Herbal Facials, Henna treatments, Hand and Foot Massage, Henna Designs and others. These ayurvedic beauty therapies are conducted by our specialists who hold immense expertise in this field.


  •  Introduction to Ayurvedic beauty care
  •  Basic Concepts in ayurvedic beauty care
  •  Body types
  •  Scalp and hair treatments
  •  Ayurvedic Head massage
  •  Dandruff Treatments
  •  Hair Treatments (Premature Graying, Brittle Hair, Hair fall)
  •  Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner
  •  Herbal Fumigation
  •  Face treatments
  •  Herbal Cleanser
  •  Ayurvedic Face Massage
  •  Herbal Steaming
  •  Herbal Scrub
  •  Herbal Face pack / Mask
  •  Herbal toner
  •  Herbal moisturizer
  •  Acne Treatments
  •  Nasya
  •  Eye treatments
  •  Anjana
  •  Herbal Eye Pack
  •  Tharpana & Putapaka
  •  Eye exercises
  •  Hand and foot treatments
  •  Hand & Foot Soaks
  •  Hand Massage
  •  Foot massage
  •  Herbal Mask
  •  Various eye care and eye excercise
  •  Body treatments
  •  Herbal Body Wrap
  •  Herbal Body Scrub
  •  Herbal Bath
  •  Preparation of Herbal Bath Bags


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