• Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Therapy

  • Ayurvedic Massage & Panchakarma Therapy
  • Certificate Course On Ayurvedic Body Care
  • Certificate Course On Ayurvedic Massage And Herbal Science
  • Short
    Term Course
  • Diploma In Ayurveda
  • Basic Ayurveda Massage And Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care

Diploma in Ayurveda (1 Year Course)

Today lot of people moving back to the old treatment methods of ayurveda and has now become a popular among people. We specialize in offering diploma in ayurvedic training to the students. The ayurveda course has a huge market potensials and many ayurvedic hospitals and centers are seeking for skilled professionals from this field. We have qualified teachers who hold immense expertise in this field and offer our students reliable and useful training. Apart from theory we also conduct various practical classes which help in better understanding and grasping of the course. The course is designed in various duration time to suit the needs of the students. Our offered course is government certified. Our students can avail the course in the first come first serve basis.

  •  Yoga – Pranayama, Yama, Niyama asana, and theory
  •  Herbal- Theory, Garden visit, herbarium preparation
  •  Preparation of medicine – visit of factory, simple method of medicine preparation
  •  Eye care- different treatmrnts and exercise of eyes
  •  Pregnancy care and herbal beauty care.

Course offered

    1. Diploma course of ayurveda -1 Year

       Attaing the BSS Certificate of (under govt of india) giving the facility of study ayurveda basics of theory, practical paneshakarma, herbal study, Preparation, Herbal garden visit and yoga, Pranayoga etc.

    2. Diploma in yoga, ayurvedic massages and paneha karma therapy – 6 months

       Very good training programe, and certified course in yoga(asanas), Ayurvedic massages and theory and practical of panehakarma therapy

    3. Certified course of panehakarma therapy and yoga- 3 months

       Yoga – theory and practice of pranayama asana theory and practice of panehakarma

    4. Course of ayurvedic massage and herbal science- 2 months

       By exploiting the long traditional experience of medicine preparation and herbal storage, classes are held on the basis of

    5. Basic ayurveda massage, pregnancy care and baby care – 1 months

       Traditional way in massages and medicines for the pregnant and delivered women. Baby care and managing and the normal ayurvedic massage.

    6. Ayurvedic / Herbal beauty therapy – 3 weeks

       Beauty care with zero effect in possible only if it is herbal and the herbs. In what form which and method of application etc is explained in this course with the hospital certificate

    7. Certificate course of ayurvedic body care – 2 week

       Short term course with hospital certificate. To teach how to perform the ayurvedic massage to take care the body

    8. 1 week – necessary massage course
    9. Facial, face, head, foot massages and body massage, pedicure and manicure in practical
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