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Certificate Course on Ayurvedic Massage and Herbal Science (2 month)

We have over 10 years of teaching experience in the field of ayurvedic massage and herbal science. This is a 2 month certificated course which is a combination of bodywork course with additional lessons on Herbology and Ayurvedic formulations. Those students who have a special inertest in herbology and ayurvedic massage can opt for this course. The ayurvedic course suited to meet the interest and needs of the students. In this course we impart complete knowledge of herbal massage to the students. Our modern facilities and methods help the students to understand better. Our offered certificate course is as per the international quality standards. After learning the course from us these students are fit to work as therapists and heal the problems of the patients through ayurvedic science.

  •  Identification of herbs
  •  Study of family and botanical name of different medicine
  •  Herbarium preparation
  •  Visit to herbal garden
  •  Different combination of herbal preparation
  •  Method of storage of plants and the basic principle of ayurveda theory and different kind of ayurveda massage.
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