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  • Basic Ayurveda Massage And Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care

Basic Ayurveda Massage and Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care And Baby Massage (1 month)

Ayurveda is a traditional medical science where the treatments are done through therapy and various massage techniques. At our renowned ayurveda center we offer ayurvedic pregnancy care and Ayurvedic babycare massageservices. Our Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy care methods are time tested. The course is designed accordance to the ancient Ayurvedic texts with contributions of the knowledge of Grand Mothers who take care of pregnant women in Kerala households. This course helps the students to understand the complication of pregnancy and how to take care of the mother and child after birth. Modern techniques are used by us to teach this course properly to the students. Our offered course has been appreciated by the students across the globe. Now we have more and more students taking up this course.


  •  Introduction to Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care Mathods
  •  Basic Principles
  •  Introduction to Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage
  •  Practise of Pregnancy Massage
  •  Ayurvedic Post Natal Care Methods
  •  Ayurvedic Methods of Child care
  •  Introduction to Ayurvedic Baby Massage
  •  Practice of baby Massage
  •  Treatments for common problems of mother
  •  Treatment of common problems of baby
  •  All the basics of Ayurveda Massages
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